Sonorefiction/Usher "sonorarium" EP [b028s] 2011

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Bruitsnetlabel is very proud to present "Sonorarium", a 4 tracks deep ambient music EP from Usher & Sonorefiction collaborative soundwork, [b028s], 2011.

01- Manapany
02- Gates of Perception
03- Aya's walk
04- Total Eclipse

Happy listening!

(all tracks by Usher/Sonorefiction
artwork by Sonorefiction)

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[b020s] bruitsnetlabel remanences

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bruitsnetlabel presents "remanences b020s" a various bruitsnetlabel artists compilation from [b011s] to [b019s]:

Netlab (Chagas, Rocha, Barbosa), U.A, Pimplof, Niko Deck, Foraky (Delsine, Lorsen), Karambolage (Deschamps, SLO-BLO), Artoh, trio GMC (Meulien, C & G Montanard), and tt-vox for their great experimental soundwork on Bruitsnetlabel!

original photography by Peter Solf.

mp3 320kbps,[b020s], various artists, free download, bruitnetlabel, 2011

bruitsnetlabel remanences [b010s] various artists

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                             from b001s to b009s
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tHx to Fabio Minardi, Rosendo J Rocha, LeRouge, Pimplof, Michael Frieske, Felipe Barbosa, Artoh, Paulo Chagas, Sonorefiction to create and promote free experimental music!!!

mp3 320kbps, various artists, [b010s], 2011

tHx to Peter Solf for sharing his original photography!!!

bruitsnetlabel for free music and experimental musicians in: concrete, free improvisation, abstract, contemporary, acousmatic, soundfield-recording, electronic minimal and ambient, drone...
(under CC license and free download)

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Sonorefiction VS Floating Mind "Particules Instables"EP, mono91, 2011

Sonorefiction VS FloatingMind "particules instables"split EP:
4 tracks of deep ambient for Monokrak netlabel...

- "modulations magiques" (FloatingMind)
- "the invisible man" (FloatingMind)
- "mox critique" (SonoreFiction)
- "workrow" (SonoreFiction multiremix experiment with XP43/Skip/BpOlaR)

mp3 320kbps, 2011, Sonorefiction FloatingMind, monokrak91

monokrak netlabel:

all sonorefiction EPs, traxx, videos, links and more:

SonoreFiction "automatique"EP, 2011

Sonorefiction"Automatique"EP, 2011

4 free tracks of ambient / dub / deep minimal techno for monoKraK netlabel:
- 4 Months Later
- A La Paresse
- Noma
- UmanS Go Home

mp3 320 kbps, [mono77], all tracks by sonorefiction2011.

please check sonorefiction website

sonorefiction "isolated sounds EP"

4 SonoreFiction tracks of ambient/deep electronica
for monoKraK netlabel (
-  à l'intérieur
-   mécanique du fluide
-   silent watering
-  lament times (from BorisGrey/RedRacerFuneral track)

[monoKraK86]   mp3 320kbps  sonorefiction  2011

sonorefiction website:


SonoreFiction "imaginogène EP" monokrak58 2010

5 tracks of deep introspective minimal ambient on monoKraK netlabel: 
- Ayahuasca
- Keolis
- Pagura's Home
- Polaris
- Pyrenean Echoes

SonoreFiction website:

sonorefiction - The Machinist

SonoreFiction - The Machinist

320kbps - August 2011
Concrete / Ambient / Dark Ambient / Experimental / Industrial / Field Recording


01 - Metal End
02 - The Machinist
03 - Le Marais
04 - Paranoia3000
05 - Textures1
06 - Etat Modifié

Total: (23:39)

SonoreFiction Website:

Sirona-Records Website:

VA: EolisFreeProject

this is monoKraK 97!
"The Eolis Free Project" is 11 free remixs of a track from the french artist Sonorefiction, "Eolis"
 ("Eolis", free listening on Margaret Noble's sound-blog "sound is art":

So this Ep features 11 tracks by 11 artists in Ambient soundfeel:

from noise to deep minimal techno, from ethnic to single-shot post-punk impro, from glitch to sky-gaze ethereal, from experiment to minimal trance, these tracks are as varied than astonishing as many variations around "Eolis", an Aeolian harps ambient track.
These artists from different cultures and countries (England, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, France ...) of musical styles and sound viewpoint far away each other, sent us their very own "Eolis" interpretation, and far from basic remixes, these tracks draw us into their personal worlds, rich, complex and loaded with real inner emotions.

Much warmy thanks for their contributions to this EP:
XP-43, Marco Lucchi, Floating Mind, Upsteria, SLO-BLO, Data Unit, BpOlaR, Richard Wilmer, Takuya Minakawa, Boris Grey, Sonorefiction, and MonoKrak Netlabel.

Sonorefiction and monoKraK.


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